Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC: nine secrets, Easter eggs and encounters you may have missed

The adventure doesn't end with Miraak

So you've punched Miraak in his silly metal face, pocketed all the black books and flown a dragon into a mountain. What do you want, a freaking medal? As any schoolboy could tell you, bragging about completing a main story quest in any given Elder Scrolls game is like boasting that you're the master of all Europe because you once took a flight from London to Prague.

Trust us, there's plenty more to discover in Skyrim's Dragonborn expansion - all manner of unique item and tailored encounter, waiting to jump out at you all across the benighted isle of Solstheim. Heading back to Raven Rock? Give our to-do list below a read first...


1. Invest in Kolbjorn Barrow
It'll take you several days, much Draugr-related strife and around 11,000 Septims, but completing the Unearthed sidequest (visit Ahzidal in south-eastern Solstheim) is ultimately worth the trouble. There's some sweet bespoke gear to be had.

2. Overdose on Stalhrim
Enterprising blacksmiths would do well to ferret around in the mountains near the north-western tip of Solstheim, not far from Castle Karstaag and the Water Stone. On one particular slope you'll find a roofless chamber containing an absolute pile of raw Stalhrim - 30 pieces, to be exact - guarded by a horde of Riekling.

3. Fight the Ebony Warrior
If you're quite spectacularly high level, and at a loss for decent opponents, keep an eye out for a large chap in pitch-black plate armour. Past level 80, the Ebony Warrior will approach you outside any major city and challenge you to a duel at Last Vigil, located not far from Vigil. He's highly resilient to magic, and is armed with a spell that paralyses the player for 15 seconds. Handle with caution.

4. Mourn the Silt Strider
Once you've visited Tel Mithryn in Solstheim's north-east, explore the area to find a decommissioned specimen of Morrowind's giant load-bearing insect species. Speak to the chap named Revus Sarvani nearby for a potted history of the Silt Striders.


5. Find the airship
Near Moesring Pass in central Solstheim you'll find a crash-landed Dwemer aircraft - another callback to Morrowind expansion pack Bloodmoon. Besides fragrant puffs of sweet, sweet nostalgia, it houses a couple of treasure chests which contain magical weaponry. The ship is no longer flight-worthy, alas - if it's high altitude warfare you're after, you'll need to complete Dragonborn's main quest.

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