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Platinum would "love" to make Metal Gear Rising 2, KojiPro thinks more spin-offs are possible

Also: cats you can't kill! Stealth panchos!

PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba is bang up for making a sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, should Hideo Kojima come knocking. Speaking to Siliconera alongside Yuki Korekado of Kojima Productions, Inaba insisted that Revengeance leading man Raiden has plenty of emotional depth, despite resembling the offspring of the Terminator and a motorised carving knife. Korekado, meanwhile, talked up the range of personalities offered by the Metal Gear universe, and hinted at the prospect of further non-Snake Metal Gears.

"In Rising, we got to see Raiden grow as a character and develop as a person," said Korekado, who serves as KojiPro's creative producer. "Beyond that, within the Metal Gear universe there are a lot of characters and stories. Within that we were able to show the value of the universe and expand on it. We were able to prove we can create branches to explain more deep stories within the universe."

"I really think I was able to see Raiden grow independently and strong as a character and as a man," chipped in Inaba. "To be part of that was an honor. Moving forward, if Kojima Productions feels that another Raiden game is needed I would love to be a part of making Raiden's next growth."

I'm resisting with difficulty the urge to make a childish comment about that last sentence. Don't feel obliged to follow suit.

Elsewhere in the chat, the pair discussed Revengeance's comic asides. "You might think that it's very Kojima Productions-esque, but all of the humor came out of PlatinumGames," Korekado revealed. "We collaborated with them, but it usually came forth from their team."

"If you're talking about some of the items maybe you have to look around and find, I like the one in the Monsoon battle that you just talked about where the enemy is petting the cat," Inaba added with a [laugh]. "Also, in the first scene where you land on the beach there is a cat there, but you can't cut it. No matter what, the cat dodges Raiden's attacks."

Unkillable cats confirmed.

"If you're talking about cutscenes, there is a part in Mexico where Raiden thinks he's completely blended in wearing a pancho and mariachi style outfit," he went on, with another [laugh]. "Raiden pretty much thinks nobody thinks he's a cyborg and he's in stealth mode. The fact that everyone is focused on him and Raiden thinks he's totally blended in is the kind of ironic humor I like."

KojiPro and Platinum haven't always been so chummy. Speaking to OXM earlier this winter, Korekado confessed that that he initially resisted the decision to transfer development duties to the Bayonetta studio.