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"Star Wars: Battlefront Online" artworks escape hands of Resident Evil developer - report

Slant Six rumoured to have been working on Xbox 360 MMO in 2010

Everybody likes a spot of Star Wars: Battlefront round these parts, it seems, so news that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City developer Slant Six has, as rumoured, been working on a new instalment of Lucas-branded blasting should make for pleasant reading. News that the game was cancelled by LucasArts years ago probably won't, however.

Praise unto the ladies and gentlemen of Siliconera, who've managed to unearth a number of Battlefront Online concept artworks, many of which match up to artworks discovered on the Operation Raccoon City disc in April. A case of techno-butterfingers - or Slant Six covertly alerting the outside world to Battlefront Online's sad demise? The project was apparently a goer as recently as 2010 - nobody knows when they pulled the plug.

There's no love lost between LucasArts and original Battlefront developer Free Radical - recently, one of the publisher's old employees accused Free Radical founder Steve Ellis of incompetence and deceit. Stop fighting and make the damn game already.