Mass Effect 4 release date claims are "inaccurate", claims EA

BioWare "source" shot down by publisher

An EA spokesperson has poured water all over this week's claim that Mass Effect 4 will release sometime between late 2014 and mid 2015. As reported on G4, "at no time did EA or BioWare provide any answers to questions from Gamer Syndrome."

Confusingly, that's in the wake of a contradictory claim from another EA spokesperson, shared with Eurogamer. According to him or her, the source in question was, in fact, a BioWare employee.


Gamer Syndrome has now removed the interview in question and posted an apology. "The information provided previously by the author of this post was deemed to be obtained from an inaccurate source and NOT an official Bioware or EA interview response," it reads. "We apologize for the inconvenience."

Somebody's telling porkies, it seems. But who?

BioWare's Mike Gamble told OXM in February that the studio had yet to settle on a precise timeframe for the next Mass Effect adventure. "We haven't made a decision about whether we'll do anything in the future, but if we were to do something, we just have a lot of information to choose from," he said.

"If you boot up Mass Effect 3 and look through the codices you'll see we have tonnes and tonnes of backstory. Obviously, for Mass Effect 3 it's Shepard's story and this is where Shepard's story finishes, but the future is wide open for what we can possibly do."