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Besides "completely different" Aliens sequels, Gearbox wouldn't mind making a Predator game

"There are so many different things in this universe that are extremely exciting to work with."

Speaking to OXM at an Aliens: Colonial Marines preview showing, Gearbox's Brian Thomas has expressed a keen interest in creating additional Aliens games which experiment with other aspects of the Aliens fiction. He also wouldn't turn down a shot at a new Predator title. Hysteria gland set to maximum.

"I think Aliens is a great franchise and I think part of what makes it so awesome is that every time someone decides to revisit the Alien franchise, it's different," Thomas told me after our hands-on. "You see very few times that people come to the Aliens franchise that get the same experience twice.


"We're finishing up this game and it's really exciting to it finish up, and I know that people have been dreaming of this game and we're always thinking: what if we did things different?" he continued. "What if we made a completely different Aliens game? There are so many different things in this universe that are extremely exciting to work with.

"Whether we'll do that or not is somebody else's decision, but personally as a developer it would be great to work with it in the future. If not this has been a great experience and Gearbox has been really happy to be part of this franchise and part of this history."

Besides Colonial Marines, Sega has another Alien project for next gen consoles underway at Total War developer Creative Assembly - one of five upcoming projects, two of which are currently unknown. We know very little about it, but we suspect it won't be another balls-to-the-wall shooter. The Sonic publisher purchased the rights to craft Aliens videogames from 20th Century Fox in 2006, and released a new Aliens vs Predator game in 2010.

Given crossover between the Predator's taste in murderous gadgets and the gizmo-driven frenzy of Borderlands, a question about Gearbox's interest in Arnold Schwarzenegger's least favourite extra-terrestrial seemed appropriate. Thomas wouldn't say much, but conceded that the idea had a certain charm.

"Hey if people want a Predator game and if Gearbox want to make one... Somebody somewhere with a better title than I will hash that detail out someday, but as a developer I'm always excited to work on anything new because it's a new challenge."

What do you think Gearbox could make of a Predator game? Or even an Alien vs Predator game? You can read more about Colonial Marines in our latest issue, which contains an exclusive Aliens poster.