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Black Ops 2 Nuketown Zombies map hits Xbox 360 today - read our quick survival guide

Redesigned map only available in Zombies Survival Mode

Black Ops 2's Nuketown Zombies map will release on Xbox Live today, Activision has announced, though you'll need to be the proud owner of a Season Pass.

Originally exclusive to those who bought the Hardened and Care Package Editions, the redesigned Nuketown takes up 186 MB, and is laden with all the usual Zombie props and items, including Pack-A-Punch and Perk-A-Cola machines.


"Nuketown Zombies hits Xbox 360 BlackOps2 Season Pass holders tomorrow," the publisher confirmed in a tweet last night. "Which weapon will you Pack-A-Punch with first?" I'd skip the firearm business entirely and make a beeline for the Bowie Knife tucked inside one of the houses - you'll need to unlock the door by spending 3000 points first. Watch out - certain parts of the map are now blocked off with rubble.

There's a twist to how Perk-A-Cola machines work on Nuketown. Every time you kill a zombie, you'll knock a point off the counter on the sign in the middle of the map. Score 100 kills, and you'll be up to your gills in sweet, skill-reinforcing fluids.

Thanks to IGN for the additional insights. Here's a non-map-specific Black Ops 2 Zombies survival guide. How are you getting along with those ravening undead hordes?