Minecraft Xbox 360 update: The End confirmed for title update 8

Plus more details on enchanting and Ender Pearls

4J Studios has released a few new details about the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update via Twitter, unexcitingly referred to as "title update 7". I like The Wizardly Update of Wonderment better, 4J.

As revealed last week, the update adds the enchantment system, allowing you to apply various bonuses to weapons and gear at enchantment tables.


There's also an experience system on the way, with levels handed out at a rate of one per 30 experience points, making it easier to rank up than in the PC version. Experience points are earned by mining, smelting and breeding animals.

Among the forthcoming Minecraft items, mobs and biomes not included in title update 7 are spawn eggs, the all-conquering Iron Golems, Ocelots and jungles. As for Minecraft's endgame scenario, which sees players travelling to a purple-black hell dimension to battle an enormous cuboid dragon - it's not far off.

"We have a good bit more work to do on The End, and don't want that to hold up TU7," the developer notes. "The End will be in TU8."

If you're wondering what to do with all your Ender Pearls while you wait for title update 8, be of glad heart - once the new Minecraft update lands, you'll be able to teleport by throwing them at the desired destination.

There's no release date yet for title update 7. Read up on some of the planned additions in our most-anticipated Minecraft update round-up.