Global Halo 4 tournament announced - win a Halo truck

Free-to-enter Halo Infinity Challenge boasts many a prize

Microsoft has announced the Halo Infinity Challenge, a global online Halo 4 tournament spanning both War Games and Spartan Ops. It's free to enter, and you could win one of 2,800 prizes. Any of you undersized farmboys think you can handle that action? Sign up here, then.

It's two tournaments, actually, one for competitive and one for cooperative players. As you'd expect, the War Games option is all about killing people, while the Spartan Ops tournament gives you points for each challenge you complete. The preliminaries run from 17th December to 10th January, and you'll be able to track your performance on global leaderboards. It's going to be a loud and violent Christmas.

On 12th January, participants will split into three tiers - the top 10 per cent, the next best 30 per cent and the remaining 60 per cent. Scores will then be reset, and battle will resume till end of play on 19th January. Prizes include wireless headsets, Halo apparel, a bunch of Halo figurines and the below V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck, which we can't help but notice is missing a machinegun turret.


That's the grand prize for War Games - the top Spartan Ops player will earn a two minute cameo in the next Halo game. Not too shabby. Alas, the tournament isn't open to players who hail from Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Tennessee, Vermont or Quebec in Canada.

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