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The best Xbox 360 games of 2013

What we're hungry for, and what we're less keen on

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Dragon Age 3
BioWare's taking the "suppressed scattergun" approach to Dragon Age 3 publicity, with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces to pick over between now and its release late next year. A Frostbite 2 effort, the game has features in common with BioWare's next Mass Effect, and according to a mix of well-founded rumour and developer insight, sees players travelling to the Francophone continent of Orlais to serve as a meddling, treacherous Inquisitor.

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Modern Warfare 4
We're skating on thin ice with these rumours, but the next Modern Warfare is allegedly in development at Neversoft, features ice levels and involves an Israeli-made gadget known as the Dominator. Captain Price voice actor Bill Murray appeared to announce his involvement in October, but subsequently insisted he was talking about something else. Still, we all know it's coming. Another year, another Call of Duty game - that's how reality works, isn't it?


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