The best Xbox 360 games of 2013

What we're hungry for, and what we're less keen on

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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Amping up the existing formula makes sense here, Matt insists. "Dropping the fist-bump bromance stuff might have been a great idea after all. Putting the teenage humour to one side lets The Devil's Cartel focus on what matters most: explosions. There's little here but mindless destruction, but the Frostbite 2 engine does an excellent job of ensuring that the chaos constantly flows."

Cartel blanche: how Visceral and Frostbite are transforming Army of Two


The Dark Eye: Demonicon
Dark Whaticon? Hmmm, here's Matt's take. "The last time we saw this bizarre RPG, the production values were looking ropey. This is unlikely to substantially change, but we still remain quietly confident that it could be one to watch for aficionados of the genre. Interesting ideas can go a long way, and Demonicon starts off with a bit of a doozy: incest. Within the first hour of the game you'll get off with your sister. We've no idea what to make of that, but it's certainly managed to catch our attention."

The Dark Eye: Demonicon preview


Crysis 3
Personal confession: I was probably Wrong to declare that Crysis 2 has all the choice of its predecessor, without the fuss and nonsense of a "true" open world. Crytek's streamlining achieved worthwhile results in some areas, but on the whole, the sequel represents a cautious backward step. Crysis 3, by contrast, could be a sizeable forward leap. It's platinum-grade pretty, but you were expecting that - more interesting is that play areas now take the form of discrete, overgrown biomes which aim to recapture something of that original Predator feel. The multiplayer sounds like a laugh, too. Spotting invisible people by luring them into patches of real-time water? Sign me right up.

Crysis 3 - is jungle fun a match for Modern Warfare


Grand Theft Auto 5
You don't bet against a GTA game, and this one has plenty of appeal. The setting is reportedly larger than the original San Andreas, GTA 4's Liberty City and Red Dead Redemption's frontier combined, and jam-packed with side-stories and recreational pursuits. The main narrative sees you switching between a maniac war veteran, an up-and-coming hood and an ex-retired bank robber in order to pull off glorious-sounding heists. And then there's the multiplayer, about which we know little save that it will be "ground-breaking".

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Metro: Last Light
Assuming THQ lives long enough to publish it, this could genuinely be the best shooter yet to be published on Xbox 360. It's got the suspense, the sandbox variety and the sordid environmental detailing of its predecessor, but the pace of mundane actions like equipment-swapping has been sped up - producing a less frustrating but, we'd say, equally tense experience. Watch out for a new hands-on soon.

Metro: Last Light - seven reasons it could be 2013's smartest FPS

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