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New Mass Effect 3 DLC in the works, could involve the Citadel

What colour beam did you get?

BioWare has more-or-less announced work on another Mass Effect 3 DLC pack, in a series of Tweets and forum quotes scraped together by Eurogamer. The expansion is in production at BioWare Edmonton, co-developer of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, which reportedly "shares systems" with the undisclosed Mass Effect 4.

Seth Green and Raphael Sbarge are confirmed to be voicing new lines for Joker and Kaiden. The expansion may take place on the Citadel - a few months back, BioWare Social forumites uncovered some telltale filenames in Mass Effect 3's Leviathan DLC.


"It's all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every Mass Effect 3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved," BioWare designer Jos Hendriks wrote on the company's forum. "If my math skills are correct [that means] eight."

"What I'm up to lately: working on an unannounced Mass Effect 3 DLC!" Mass Effect trilogy composer Sam Hulick tweeted last night. "More details on this coming later on."

"Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece," he added. "High potential for tears." Don't disappoint us, Hulick. The most recent Mass Effect 3 expansion, Omega, was a pleasant return to form following the "satisfying but unnecessary" Leviathan.