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Dragon's Dogma DLC: A Trial for Adventures - Challenge Pack hits Xbox Live

Like it hard, or fast? Also, exclusive equipment

Capcom has released the free Dragon's Dogma DLC expansion A Trial for Adventures - Challenge Pack on Xbox Live. It adds a Hard Mode and a Speed Run Mode, completion of which unlocks exclusive equipment for your character.

Beat the game on Hard Mode and you'll get the King's Robe clothing set, the Edman equipment set and the Abyss hardware set. Those who take the speedy approach, meanwhile, will get access to the Serena item, the female-only Tunic of Forest outfit, and the Burnaby clothing set for male characters. Is that incentive enough to coax another 40 hours out of you?


Just so we're all in the clear, "this bonus can only be applied once per saved data. If the items are discarded or given away during gameplay, they will be lost." Queue your download here.

Are the offerings too trivial to bother with? Don't worry, there are bigger treats in store. A major Dragon's Dogma expansion, Dark Arisen is planned for next year. Here are nine things we want from Dragon's Dogma 2.