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Far Cry 3 video interview: how Ubisoft crafted the year's best-scoring shooter

Sex, drugs and shark-punching

Congratulations, Far Cry 3, for you are currently this year's highest-scoring Xbox 360 shooter on Metacritic. In tribute to your greatness (as witnessed in our own Far Cry 3 review), here's a video interview with key staff at Ubisoft Montreal.

The dodgy bearded man asking the questions is Log, and if his choice of tense leaves you wondering whether you've fallen into a time warp, fear not - the interview was conducted and published on Xbox Live before the game's release. It's a wide-ranging chat, however, and we think it remains highly enlightening today. If you're playing Far Cry 3, here are seven things you absolutely shouldn't do. If you've yet to pick up a copy, find the best deals on this and other big releases in our best Xbox 360 games of 2012 buyer's guide.

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