Xbox 360 gets exclusive Dark Knight Rises content via Xbox SmartGlass

Batman gadget info, director commentary, behind the scenes footage

It's not who you are, Rachel Dawes once sanctimoniously told Bruce Wayne, but what you do that defines you. I think I got quite angry during that part of Batman Begins. Blame Katie Holmes, who pulls off the insufferably smug activist routine to a tee.

Batman gets to turn the line back at her later in the film, but does so far too calmly and, well, maturely for my liking. Was there not room for a bit of childish gloating, Bruce? Something along the lines of "who's the skin-deep one now, you silly capeless woman? And while we're talking, who's got the flatter abs?"


Anyway, you probably clicked that headline to read about SmartGlass and The Dark Knight Rises, rather than Edwin's Lingering Grudges Against Fantasy People. The film is out today on Xbox Live Marketplace (exact times may vary), and the Major would like to draw your attention to a number of SmartGlass-powered auxiliary features, bulletpointed below:

- Exclusive content
- Storyboards
- Triviax
- Quotes from the film's director and actors
- A closer look at The Dark Knight Rises' vehicles, gadgets and characters
- Time-synced information about the epic conclusion to the Dark Knight legend
- Behind the scenes look at Bane's in-flight hijacking, the stadium disaster and more

"We're also offering members in the U.S. an exclusive way to win a Bane character prop replica mask not available anywhere else," he adds. "The mask is highly detailed and 'life-size', pulled from the same mold used for the film. It's displayed on a replica head in a plexi-glass display case."

Already seen it? Did you enjoy it?