Save up to 40% on a subscription to OXM

The perfect Christmas stocking filler

Christmas is about giving, as we all know, and while we're obviously biased we can think of nothing better to give than not one but many copies of our fine magazine. Handily, you can do so at a considerable saving, thanks to our Christmas sale.

Until 31st January, a quarterly subscription to the paper edition of our mag will cost you £11.69, while a two year sub equals £93.49 - 40 per cent off the usual price. Yearly subscriptions can be had for £49.99, or 36 per cent off.


That gives you 132 packed pages every month, comprising reviews and previews, exclusive features, and all sorts of other stuff that we reckon makes us the best Xbox 360 magazine, ever - whether you're talking prompt verdicts on the biggest games, interviews that hit so hard they bruise, whimsy-laden community features or ye olde investigative journalism.

Consider the awesome that is issue 93. Exclusive Aliens concept posters, see? To say nothing of a full and frank chat with EA's Patrick "we're not *not* making Mirror's Edge 2" Soderlund. And some deranged rantings by Quintin Smith concerning Forza Horizon and an obscenely powerful real-life supercar. And a massive feature on the evolution of Xbox Live Arcade.

Come on, what have you go to lose? Other than money, obvs.

Update: this article has been edited to remove some rather tasteless jokes, for which we sincerely apologise - Ed had a long day and wasn't thinking clearly..