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Xbox TV: Microsoft to "create a whole new category of cutting edge experiences"

Big M seeks TV producer with real-world experience, GSOH

Microsoft's plans for television programming on Xbox continue apace with the posting of a TV producer vacancy - to whit, a producer with "substantial experience... on a number of known TV IP".

"This is a unique opportunity to be a TV producer creating a whole new category of cutting edge experiences built for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live," reads the copy. The right candidate will also have "substantial experience proven experience in managing the line production on medium to large scale broadcast shoots", plus "familiarity [with] the finance and business models inherent within TV production" and "experience... delivering end to end product designs (concepts, scripts, pitch materials etc)".

Needless to say, all this adds weight to the case that Microsoft wants to become a TV provider itself, rather than simply surfacing content from the likes of Channel 5 and Sky. Halo 4's Forward Unto Dawn miniseries and heavily video-led Spartan Ops campaign are further evidence to that effect.

Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on a literal Xbox TV - a telly with gaming hardware built-in, available alongside the pricier, beefier Xbox 720. The manufacturer has been pushing into a broader entertainment sphere for some time now, of course, prompting claims that it has "abandoned the core". Here's what we think about that.