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Skyrim DLC leaked: Dragonborn story, Achievements, locations, enemies, powers and weapons revealed

New Elder Scrolls expansion could last you over 30 hours

Open your mouth wide, reader, for I am about to shove masses of alleged info about Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC down your neck. No time for "good morning" or "how was your weekend?" - this one's a whopper and a half, with a side order of massive.

A Reddit user who claims to be a Dragonborn beta tester has been dribbling details in a steady rain all weekend. The helpful folk of The Outhousers have mashed these together into what's practically a full-blown Wiki page, omitting more tenuous bits and pieces. There are also off-screen gameplay shots, which you'll find sprinkled around this article.


Apparently, the DLC begins when you're attacked by shady types known as Cultists of Miraak, who reckon you're not the real Dragonborn. Assuming you defeat them, you'll find a note on the bodies which points you towards a boat docked at Windhelm, which grants passage to the Isle of Solstheim - a location from Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind expansion pack Bloodmoon.

Solstheim is a separate map that's roughly the size of the Reach, one of Skyrim's nine holds. The beta tester has sunk over 30 hours into it thus far. It's home to brand new enemies, magical artefacts, questlines, esoteric landmarks, spells, weapons and supporting characters. Here are a few of the standouts - if you want to venture into Solstheim uncorrupted by the filth of spoilers, stand fast right here or regret it forever more.

(Hubs): Raven Rock, Tel Mithryn, Skaal Village. You can buy a home in the first two, and there's a new follower and marriage candidate to discover in the third.
(Imperial Forts): Fort Frostmoth, Ashfallow Citadel, Highpoint Tower
(Shacks): Hrodulf's House, Abandoned Lodge
(Caves): Frostmoon Crag (home to a Werewolf pack), Bristleback Cave, Castel Karstaag Caverns & Ruins, Glacial Cave, Benkongerike, Frossel, Hrothmun's Barrow
(Landmarks): Brodir Grove, Altar of Thrond, Stalhrim Source, Horker Island (Island of Lord Tusk)
(Nordic Ruins): Kolbjorn Barrow, Bloodskaal Barrow, Vaholok's Tomb, Gyldenhul Barrow.
(Dwemer Ruins): Nchardak, Kagrumez, Fahlbtharz
(All-Maker Stones): Earth Stone, Watern Stone, Wind Stone, Beast Stone, Sun Stone
(Others): Northshore Landing Dock, Old Attius Farm, Snowclad Ruins, Headwaters of Harstrad, Moesring Pass, Bujold's Retreat, Haknir's Shoal, Saering's Watch, Thirsk Mead Hall, Broken Tusk Mine, Damphall Mine, & Miraak's Temple.
(In Skyrim): Last Vigil


Outlander - Arrive on Solstheim (20 G)
Raven Rock Owner - Own a house in Raven Rock (20 G)
Solstheim Explorer - Discover 30 Locations on the island of Solstheim (30 G)
The Temple of Knowledge - Complete "The Temple of Miraak" (20 G)
The Path of Knowledge - Complete "The Path of Knowledge" (20 G)
At the Summit of Apocrypha - Complete "At the Summit of Apocrypha (40 G)
Hidden Knowledge - Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books (40 G)
Stalhrim Crafter - Craft an item out of Stalhrim (20 G)
Dragon Aspect - Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect (20 G)
DragonRider - Tame and Ride 5 dragons (20 G)

Cyclone - creates a small tornado
Bend Will - force a dragon to fight with you
Dragon Riding - to be revealed
Dragon Aspect - creates the Dragon Armor from the trailer, gives stronger shouts, stronger melee attacks and summons Ancient Dragonborn to fight with you when you get low on health. Can only be used once per day.
Battle Fury - like Elemental Fury but for NPCs

Werebears - no word on whether the player can become one yet, but all have been hostile so far. They transform into the bear after you spend enough time in their presence.
The Morag Tong - "they seem to act more like Silver Hand encounters where you fight against them a bit and have random encounters of them. No ability to join with them so far. Hostile Dunmer in Morag Tong armor."
Serpent-like creature - pictured in the trailer, abilities and identity unknown as yet
Lurkers - "Extremely tough and frustrating enemies with plenty of health and dish out a lot of damage. Good challenge. About the size of giants and they are creatures that have 'slipped' into Tamriel from Herma-Mora's realm."
Ash Spawn - officially mentioned and pictured in Bethesda's releases
Rieklings - officially mentioned and pictured in Bethesda's releases
New Dragon types encountered
New Dwemer automation - a walking dwarven ballista


Weapons and gear
Deathbrand Armor - similar to Stalhrim
Two Unique Scimitars you can get by the end of the quests
Bonemold Armor - confirmed (Heavy Armor)
Chitin Armor - confirmed (possibly a Light Armour)
Stalhrim Weapons and armour - confirmed
Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons (Heavy Armour)
Spears - not equippable, alas. "Only the Reiklings have used them so far and if the player picks them up, they go into inventory as arrows.
Morag Tong Armor - another Light Armour that can be looted from attackers
New Thieves Guild Armor - "a non-buggy Linwe's Armour."
Robes - Telvanni Robes and Miraak's Robes

- Poison Rune
- Whirlwind Cloak
- Ash Shell - lets you encase enemies in ash (paralysis effect) or slow them down with damage.
- Waterwalking - back in enchantment and potion form
- A new Ring that allows resurrected creatures to explode, causing frost and fire damage.
- Staff Enchanting
- New Active Effect - during a visit to Herma-Mora's realm, you can find a book that lets you choose from three active effects: Mora's Mercy, Mora's Wrath and Mora's Agony. To change the effect, you must return to the realm. There are five books in total, with three active effects per book, and you can supposedly make use of all five books at once.
New Summoning power - said to be "cool"
Summon Spells - Ash Guardian, Ash Spawn, Seeker

What do you think? Here are nine places in Morrowind we'd like to visit. Dragonborn costs 1600 MP and is out tomorrow.