11 famous Xbox 360 locations recreated in Minecraft

From Whiterun to the Bastion

You're sick and tired of Minecraft galleries, you say? Just imagine how sick and tired you'll be after running your eyes over the below, a collection of Minecraft builds of renowned Xbox 360 settings and environments.

Many of the builds were created on PC, and a few use custom textures, but that's all right because Minecraft Xbox 360 should have feature parity with the desktop version in the not-too-distant future. Not keen on the idea, PC purists? What are you going to do about it, bro? (I'll tell you what you're going to do about it - you're going to leave a comment on this website, thus boosting our traffic and contributing to the rise of the Great Satan.)

On with the listage. Let me know if you've run into any exciting Creative Mode creations recently.

Blood Gulch - Halo
Ah, Blood Gulch. The first Halo map I ever set foot upon, and one of the finest Halo maps ever created. Many happy hours were spent on that undulating canyon floor, getting shot in the face by people I couldn't even see. My eyesight seems to have improved in the intervening years, bizarrely - I could swear the aliasing wasn't this bad back in 2001.


Caspian Border - Battlefield 3
One of Battlefield 3's bigger and better theatres of war with all the round bits hacked off. Try following me up this hillside now, tank driver!

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