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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC hits Xbox Live Marketplace

Get your fill of BioWare's largest ME3 DLC pack now

OK, ladies - it's time to strap your armoured vambraces back on, pop a little elemental brouhaha into the breech of that shotgun and head for the airlock. Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC is live.

The add-on campaign is BioWare's largest Mass Effect 3 DLC offering to date - a whopping 1.9 GB, in raw technical terms - and sees Shepard helping enemy-of-my-enemy Aria T'Loak reclaim the titular Omega station from the forces of Cerberus. Along the way, you'll bump into the first ever in-game female Turian. Another blow struck for gender equality in offworld species design! Now all we need is a Reaper with pigtails.

Up for it? Get your Omega download queued. Here are seven possible starting points for a Mass Effect prequel.