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Insomniac: "people will still want new Xbox 360 games after Xbox 720 launches"

And "people want new IP all the time"

In a startling twist, Insomniac's Ted Price and Brian Allgeier are pretty keen on the idea of both new IP and current generation games that launch in the same year as a next generation console. Could they possibly have a vested interest? And on an unrelated note, what do you think of Fuse?

Speaking to OXM at a preview event, Allgeier insisted that launching a new game universe at the end of a hardware cycle is a sound move, despite plateauing software sales, as it allows you to stand apart in a sequel-heavy market.


"I think this industry thrives on new IPs and I think it's what keeps things going and renews it," he said. "This was a great opportunity for us to come out with a game when a lot of other people are coming out with sequels.

Allgeier doesn't think current gen sales will dry up once Xbox 720 appears (the new console is widely rumoured to debut at E3 2013). "I don't think people are just going to throw their Xbox's and PS3's out the window once the new consoles come. I think people are still going to be playing them, and they'll want to play new games."

"The market is always evolving, and it's really difficult to predict what's going to happen," Price chipped in later. "Especially today because it's not just about consoles anymore - people are playing games on whatever.

"We've heard over the years at Insomniac that people don't just want sequels. They want more than just sequels. They want new IP and they want new IP all the time. This was a great opportunity for us to stand out against the rest of the games and do something for players."

Read more about Insomniac's first multiplatform shooter in our Fuse hands-on. The gist: it looks over-familiar, but there's a fun and relatively adventurous game hiding behind the space marine trappings.

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