Mass Effect 3 DLC Omega launch trailer - Aria and chums set out to take Omega back

Female Turian, chess-playing villain make their debuts

The first of this winter's big DLC drops is almost upon us. Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC pack lands tomorrow, costing 1200 MP, and we've got a launch trailer warmed up and waiting for you.

Omega is the story of Mass Effect 2 crime queen Aria's struggle to reclaim her station from some bearded guy who plays chess. What's in it for Shepard? A bunch of new War Assets, a female Turian squadmate, and a wodge of storyline that's "double the size of the largest DLC we've done for Mass Effect 3", in the words of BioWare's Mike Gamble. Have a gander.

In case you missed it, BioWare has confirmed that a new Mass Effect game is in production, utilising EA's Frostbite engine and systems you'll also see in Dragon Age 3. Rumour has it that it's a prequel. You may wish to read our modestly well-informed speculations about Mass Effect 4's setting.