No multiplayer in Bioshock Infinite, Ken Levine confirms

Irrational's latest is a solo-only shooter

Looks like the "world-class network experience" Irrational once planned for Bioshock Infinite is no more. Studio head and gaming's best-known thesp Ken Levine has quietly confirmed that the game will not feature a multiplayer mode, via Twitter.

"No MP in Infinite," was his flat response to an inquiry into the same. We'll bung 2K Games an email in search of more particulars.


The question of multiplayer appears to have nagged at Irrational for some time. In August, Kotaku sources spread rumours that at least two Bioshock Infinite multiplayer modes had been abandoned as a result of a "culture of mismanagement" at the studio. One would have been a co-op mission suite in the same style as Spec Ops, the other was to be a tower defence affair in which shrunken players battle arcade toys.

A number of key staff left Irrational roundabouts the same time. When questioned, Levine brushed this off as the usual company turnover. "I don't think there's a single senior BioShock team member that isn't here, which I think is amazing and a testament to their commitment to the studio," he added.

Some will welcome the news that Bioshock Infinite is a single-player-only offering. More development love and resource for the world and core mechanics, right? What do you think?