Crysis 3 multiplayer - the shooter Aliens vs Predator fans shouldn't miss

Crytek's latest is making waves

As I crouch silently beneath a stone staircase, a mechanical thumping grows louder and louder. By the sound of it my enemies must be just a few feet away, but of course, what with them wearing obscenely high-tech cloaking devices, I'm entirely unable to see them.

Ten of us entered the ruins a few minutes ago, and eight of my squad are already dead. I glance across at my last living ally, and wonder if he knows he's drawn the short straw. The door I'm watching leads outside to a vast section of fog-tinged swamp.

The ankle-deep water that fills the room we're in stretches across almost all of the landscape I can see: if one of those invisible bastards is out there, the ripples in the water will give them away. If this were a standard military operation my comrade would have picked the best spot, training his gun on the bottom of the stairs, ready to take out the first thing that moves.


The metallic thunking grows closer, while the water remains perfectly calm. Then, just as the first ripple nibbles my partner's feet, his head explodes. There's no shock: it's the moment I've been waiting for. The next few seconds are a blur.

Tracing the patterns in the puddles, I pepper the corridor with shotgun fire - using up the last six shells in my clip. Two cyborgs lie dead before me, taking their terrifying sound effects with them. As the last few seconds of the match count down I hear the murmurs of more metallic monsters, but they won't reach me in time. The hunters have lost, and I'm the sole victor.

There are five rounds in each game of Hunter, each of which lasts no more than two minutes. They play out like an action-packed trailer for a Predator movie: two invisible hunters armed with a bow and arrows are tasked with killing all ten C.E.L.L. soldiers.

Each soldier packs minimal ammo and one EMP grenade, which temporarily reveals nearby foes. The setup is simple, and the results superb. If you're a sci-fi film geek, this is unmissable.