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Impulse buys: the best, cheapest Collector's Editions on Xbox 360

You want a 14" statue with that, guv?

According to common wisdom, collector's editions come in two varieties. They're either new and morbidly expensive, or old and even more morbidly expensive. But there's actually a third kind of collector's edition, whose feats are sung wherever metaphorical bards gather together - a specimen of collector's edition which has actually strayed into the realm of affordability.

We proudly present eight specimens of the latter below, each costing 30-odd quid or less - eight burgeoning boxes filled with glittering tat of varying degrees of needlessness. Have a read and let us know if anything gets your thumbs twitching. Bear in mind that the "exclusive" DLC included with certain editions is likely to have become available separately.

Street Fighter 4, £24.99
I suspect the nearest I'll ever get to comprehensivly beating Crimson Viper at Street Fighter is by bashing a small plastic effigy of the woman to pieces. This CE also includes a statue of Ryu, the Street Fighter equivalent of the village bike, a full-length anime movie, a strategy guide and some probably no-longer-exclusive DLC.


Driver: San Francisco, £26.39
Crikey, this CE has a car stuck through it. Get out of there, Tanner! Do a legal U-turn, or something. Also involved: a map of the city's collectibles, some flash vintage motors for multiplayer and a comicbook.

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