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Black Friday Xbox Live sale: 50% off Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon and Batman DLC, Quantum Conundrum

To the Bargain-Mobile, my friends!

Got any pocket change left over from triple-A season? By all means throw it at Microsoft's Black Friday deals on Xbox Live Marketplace, available today and today only.

There's a nice selection of DLC there, particularly the Mass Effect and Batman stuff, but for my money, the one you should single out is the lovely Quantum Conundrum. It's Portal with more gizmos and an affable Saturday morning cartoon feel.


ME3: Leviathan - 400 MP
Forza Horizon October Car Pack - 200 MP
Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge - 400 MP
Quantum Conundrum - 600 MP
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Arctic Strike - 400 MP
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Raven Strike - 600 MP
Dungeon Defenders - 600 MP

Let us know what, if anything, you're buying.