Issue 93! Aliens! GTA 5! Bioshock Infinite! Free posters!

They mostly come out at all self-respecting newsagents. Mostly.

Calm down, unwary reader - that splayed bundle of protuberances hurtling towards your face isn't, in fact, an Alien facehugger. It's the cover of our latest issue, which includes an enormous Aliens: Colonial Marines preview with exclusive screens, Gearbox commentary and two - count them - two free Aliens posters. What are you waiting for, sweethearts? Breakfast in bed?

Also in the issue - more details on Bioshock: Infinite, quite possibly the smartest and most brilliantly over-designed shooter on Xbox 360, Visceral twins Army of Two: The Kartel and Dead Space 3, the mighty GTA 5 and a game we're fondly referring to as "the next Minecraft", aka Terraria. On the disc: seven playable demos and some swish Mark of the Ninja gamerpics.


That's just the tip of this issue's iceberg, of course, but I'll leave you to discover the rest yourself. You can buy a physical copy online with free postage, download a copy for iPad from Apple Newsstand, or nab an Android-friendly version from Zinio. Have a ball.