EA Games boss: Dead Space fans should trust Visceral about Dead Space 3

"They're not going to abandon what Dead Space used to be."

EA Games vice-president Patrick Soderlund has reiterated much-reiterated assurances about the scare potential of the controversial Dead Space 3. Apparently, the reason trailers have tended towards the noisy and gory is simply that Visceral wants to show off what's new.

"Having the job that I have now where I run a label, I'm seeing marketing for the first time," Soderlund reflected in an interview with OXM, published in issue 93, which stomps onto shelves today.


"I was sat yesterday with my marketing boss and we talked about marketing in general, and I said: 'You know what, we need to apply the same thinking to marketing as we do on our games'.

"It's easy to get into a habit," he went on. "We should ask ourselves: 'Why are we doing it this way? What's the message that we want to give the consumer? Is this really reflecting what the game is?'

"In the case of Dead Space the first thing we showed was what the team decided to do in the trailers, and then all we heard was: 'Well this is not Dead Space, I want indoor horror scenes.' And like, yeah, it's in the game too, but they wanted to show you what they added to the game that they think is awesome, because they love Dead Space."

Perhaps as a consequence of EA's bombast-heavy marketing, original Dead Space writer Antony Johnston expressed concerns about Dead Space 3's direction in July. Soderlund thinks people need to have more faith, however.

"[You should] trust them because they made two other awesome games that they're going to make something that you like," he insisted. "You should also trust in them that they're not going to abandon what Dead Space used to be. That's still in the game, there's plenty of that. They were trying to make it a little bit bigger and better."

I can attest to the presence of indoors horror bits in the new Dead Space, having crept through the innards of a busted starship earlier this year. The notion that Visceral can balance co-op blasting with suspense isn't entirely without merit. Still - "they're not going to abandon what Dead Space used to be," eh, Patrick? Slightly confusing choice of words there...

Don't forget - issue 93 is on sale now. Look out for more on that front shortly.