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Far Cry 3 review: what do you want to know?

Tell us which aspect of Ubisoft's deranged island getaway to focus on

I'm in the hot seat for our Far Cry 3 review, which goes live tomorrow afternoon, but you? You're in the passenger seat, which is by far the better option as it empowers you to pester me relentlessly with suggestions and questions. Let's get the pestering started ahead of schedule. What, if anything, do you want to know about Ubisoft's latest tropical island shooter? Which facets would you like our review to cover in the greatest detail?

As per our preview coverage, Far Cry 3 takes the series in some interestingly maniac directions. The second game's imprisoning patterns of checkpoints and enemy spawns have been loosened a fair whack, and the cast is now made up of confirmed nutjobs like posterboy Vaas, first encountered delivering a highly self-aware lecture on the nature of insanity. Also confirmed: a vivid in-game ecosystem, much of which you can set on fire.

If the volume of inquiries exceeds the scope of the review itself, I'll tackle the remainder in the form of a Q&A. Happy question-asking, everybody. Here's a round-up of existing Far Cry 3 stuff.

Update: Our Far Cry 3 review is live. Read it! Read it! Alternatively, watch the trailers below first.

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