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Halo 4 competition: win a set of Halo toys

Share your Halo 5 wishlist, make a Mongoose your plaything

Have you ever envisaged plucking a Banshee from the sky, cackling at it maniacally and then crushing it with your bare hands, as payback for all the times you've been plasma-gunned to ash during Halo campaigns? Today's your lucky day. OXM has six special die cast Halo 4 vehicle models to give away, created by re:creation in partnership with Jada Toys - a Mongoose, Banshee, Ghost, two sizes of Warthog and a Hornet. Advanced military hardware has never seemed quite so... cute.

Each vehicle is crafted in some detail - you can pop the hood on the Collector's Edition Warthog to inspect that throaty UNSC motor, for instance - and all you need to do to get hold of the set is answer the following question: what do you want from Halo 5? Drop a suggestion in the comments thread (you'll find pointers in our Halo 4 review), and we'll hand-dive a winner from the internet's gaping maw on Friday, 23rd November.


Got literally nothing to say about Halo 5? Guess you'll have to buy the Warthog yourself, and with that in mind, here's a price list and some links. The models are on sale at and GAME.

- Mongoose, £12.99
- Ghost, £14.99
- Warthog, £19.99
- Banshee, £24.99
- Hornet, £34.99
- Collector's Edition 14" Warthog, £59.99