Minecraft Xbox 360 update: 4J confirms work on texture pack support

"No dates for any releases yet though."

Weary of Minecraft Xbox 360's low-fi pixel aesthetic? You'll be pleased to know that 4J Studios is in the process of implementing alternate texture packs for the game, then.

"We have started work on texture pack support," the studio Tweeted just now. "No dates for any releases yet though." A fine time to revisit our round-up of Minecraft PC texture packs we're determined to see on Xbox 360 (taster image below). The world needs more Okami-flavoured sunsets, 4J. Not to mention dogs that look like they've wandered in from the set of Tron.

By all means check out what's coming up (we hope) in the next proper Minecraft Xbox 360 update, too. Anything in particular you're hungry for?