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GTA 5 release date is 17 May 2013, according to ASDA

A placeholder, or somebody forgetting their NDA?

Grand Theft Auto 5 will release on 17th May 2013 - 182 days from now - according to the folk of ASDA. Last we heard, Rockstar wasn't budging beyond "spring 2013". Has somebody jumped the gun, or is this just the usual retailer speculation?

A mid-May release would make a good deal of sense - far enough ahead of E3 to escape collision with the inevitable next gen announcements, but well clear of the early year commercial doldrums. Still, please take the safety off your salt shaker and keep one eyebrow firmly raised till we hear it from the horse's mouth.


Alternatively, watch the second GTA 5 trailer again. It's much more fun than throwing condiments at horses. GTA 5 is a deeply ambitious game, befitting its lengthy development period.

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