Second GTA 5 trailer is imminent - watch it here

Rockstar to air new footage at 4pm GMT

Take your loins in hand and gird them, my friend, for we have incoming. Rockstar's second Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer will hit the interwebs at 4pm GMT today, and you can watch the bally thing on this very page.

While you wait, divert yourself with our jostling stable of features, including six reasons GTA 5 is unlike any GTA ever made. There are six things you won't see in the game - what could they be? The answer is but a click away. Catch the latest screenshots here.

Close Close

Anyone care to make a prediction of the trailer's contents? I'm betting it'll be voiced by one of the other protagonists, maybe Trevor. He sounds a bit mental.

UPDATE: The trailer is live! There are dogs, helicopters, colliding trains, generational clashes, sunbathers and angry girlfriends. Thoughts?