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Win the Greatest Video Game Music album #2

Tell us about your favourite videogame soundtrack

I once asked Kristofor Mellroth, audio designer on Condemned: Criminal Origins, for his favourite specimen of videogame audio. Condemned, in case you've yet to have the pleasure, sounds like a couple of mating Neanderthals lodged in a sewage pipe, so it was a shock to discover that Mellroth's rather keen on the comparatively cheery Angry Birds. "They created an incredibly iconic experience," he explained. "So if you hear one sound from Angry Birds people immediately know it's Angry Birds - that's really hard to do."

I'll admit to playing Angry Birds now and then - slay me now, Twitter intelligentsia - but I tend to leave the sound off, and that's a fate that befalls a depressingly large number of audio components, even the lucre-ridden soundscapes of Battlefield and Skyrim. Scores seldom get their just deserts in the videogame review equation, so it's always nice when somebody singles out a few for special mention.


Enter X5 Music Group and the Greatest Video Game Music 2, a collection of 17 London Philharmonic adaptations of 17 cherished videogame soundtracks, old and new. The offerings include Skyrim's Far Horizons, Chrono Trigger's Main Theme and the Sonic the Hedgehog Suite, which gave me serious Aquatic Ruin Zone flashbacks. Worst drowning music ever.

We've got five of these to give away, autographed by composer and conductor Andrew Skeet, providing you're man, woman or ape enough to answer the following question: which other videogame audio composition do you think most deserves the orchestral treatment? Stick a description or Youtube link in the thread, and we'll pluck a winner from the hat next Monday, 19th November. If you want to cut out the middle man, you can always just buy a digital copy of the album for £2.69.