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Black Ops 2 Zombies - Grief tactics, Tranzit tips and part locations

How to send the forces of hell packing

Some will play Black Ops 2 because they want to Save The World or at least English-speaking parts of it from Ahmed Bin-McBlasty and his army of turban-wearing robots. Others will play the game in order to teach hyperactive adolescent boys a lesson in manners by way of millimetre scanners, drone swarms and carefully placed Shock Charges.

But you and I are not of either frame of mind, reader. We're here to do all kinds of hurtful things to marauding corpses in Zombies Mode, laying waste to post-apocalyptic America aboard a bus made of flames, rust and evil intentions.

The thrill of Zombies Mode is at least partly that of discovery, especially now that there's an open world of sorts to explore, care of the new, five-area Tranzit mode. Ergo, you really shouldn't read the following pointers unless you've dabbled already and are sorely in need of assistance. It's early days for Black Ops 2, of course, and this isn't an exhaustive list of intel - watch out for more features on the subject down the road.


1. Build your first turbine in Tranzit Mode
Mastering Tranzit isn't just about knowing when to backpedal, when to reload, and when to flee in tears because there's a Denizen perched upside your face, clawing at your eyeballs. It's also a question of finding parts and assembling them into new weapons, upgrades for the bus and machinery with which to unlock new areas. Here are a couple of recipes to start you off.

Firstly, make damn sure you assemble a Turbine in the Bus Station area, as you'll need it to open doors later on. Combine the mannequin, fan and toy plane wing from inside the station itself, then place the results near any powered doors you want opened. You can only carry one completed item at once, so be careful to drop the Turbine inside the bus when you're not using it. Secondly, grab a trolley from the diner in the second area, take it to the garage and combine it with a car door for a rudimentary but effective riot shield.

2. Upgrade the bus
Care of the Turbine, you should discover a zombie plough for the bus in the first area and an hatch for the vehicle's roof in the second. The plough stops zombies getting into the bus from the front, but do bear in mind that the hatch gives them access from above - station a man with a shotgun topside to see off any would-be invaders. While you're looking up, take note of the "hidden" 93R pistol purchase point stencilled on the ceiling.

3. Some of the part drops are randomised...
...and you'll need to gather the materials for certain items all over again if you lose the item in question. Treat them with respect.


4. Watch out for green streetlights
Missed the bus? Go hunt down one of the Denizens that patrol the routes between areas. These touchy-feely nasties aren't just a Treyarch homage to Left 4 Dead 2's Jockey - they're also integral to Tranzit's secret fast travel network. Guide one towards a green streetlight and it'll tunnel downward, leaving behind a portal to one of the other streetlights on the map. Incidentally, if a Denizen mounts your skull you can shake it off with a knife attack or the Galvaknuckles.

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