Black Ops 2 ultimate guide - multiplayer tips from Treyarch

Sniper vs support play, exploiting interactive map elements and more

I love Call of Duty launch week. It's the one week of the year when I'm officially allowed to be Not That Terrible at Call of Duty, as the community at large gets to grips with the new bits and/or bobs. Sadly, this year everybody seems to have got hold of the game early, care of pirates and gun-jumping retailers. Doubtless half the world's Prestiged already - and as a consequence, the other half's going to get utterly slaughtered straight off the bat.

Just as well, then, that the ever-resourceful Jonty managed to corner Treyarch's David Vonderhaar a couple of weeks ago and divine a number of exclusive Black Ops 2 tips. There they are below the image - a gleaming barricade of insight against the ravages of people who are better at shooters than you. Watch out for our Black Ops 2 review bright and early tomorrow morning.


General Black Ops 2 multiplayer tips

Be a better sniper
With the Ghost ability now demanding you keep moving, classic sniper tactics need updating. "It really depends on what kind of sniper you are and how fast you can move," says Vonderhaar. "But if you're a precision shooter, you want to do something like the ballister and maybe take the ironsight. That's the skill-based weapon - you can combine that and stack it in all sorts of ways.

"You also need something to protect your back - I like to put up the shock charge or a claymore to keep someone from sneaking up on you - and you're still looking at four or five points of allocation you have left to tailor around that."


Play as support
The new support score streaks mean it's possible to rack up points without having to kill people. Can't conceive how that would work in CoD? Vonderhaar has you covered: "Put the UAV score streak in the first slot available to you. That will instantly help your team and give you a score. From there, step up to the Guardian [turret]. That allows you to do crowd control, and suppress the enemy from going into the base.

"I like to use the LMG, which allows me to do lot of sustained gunfire before I have to reload. Basically, suppress the enemy and keep them from penetrating your side of the battle space. I often take smoke or shock charges, or the Tactician wildcard."

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