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UK retailer breaks Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 release date

"Play it TOMORROW!!"

UK business SimplyGames is about to get nuked from orbit. The London-based online retailer has announced that it will ship copies of Black Ops 2 today for delivery to buyers tomorrow, in defiance of Activision's 13th November release date.

"Orders placed before 4pm will be despatched [sic] the same day!" notes the excitable online copy. "Play it TOMORROW!!" They've got the game for £43.85 with free first class postage. Tempted?

Update: clicking through to the checkout results in a "Next Day Delivery Guaranteed" option which actually "guarantees" you delivery by Monday, providing you order before 3pm today. So that's only one day ahead of the pack, in reality, and they've managed to tell you a blatant fib before you've even bought anything.

There's always the Royal Mail, mind. Cheers to BigBaz2a for the update. Still tempted?

Update 2: Too late. As reported on MCV, pre-launch shipping appears to be no more.