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GTA 5 details: six reasons it's unlike any GTA ever made

How Rockstar hopes to make you forget all about Liberty City

Like a hairy tramp whipping open an ominous trenchcoat, Grand Theft Auto 5 exposed its inner workings to the world yesterday. Game Informer has the first full preview of Rockstar's final Grand Theft Auto game for Xbox 360 (and quite possibly its first for Xbox 720) - here are some key takeaways from the digital edition, including commentary by Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser, which immediately set the game apart from its predecessors.

1. Three playable characters
Grand Theft Auto 5 is the first GTA game to offer multiple playable characters straight off the bat. The first is Michael, the trailer narrator and a former Liberty City bank robber, who lives a life of semi-luxury in San Andreas after cutting a deal with the FIB. Michael looks the most laid-back of the three, but he's got an unpleasant side - apparently, he used to mistreat his wife Amanda and they now despise each other. Also in the picture: two kids, including the "whiney pot-smoking 20-year-old" Jimmy.

Trevor, the wild-eyed guy in the vest, is a war veteran and "drugged-out psychopath" who lives in a trailer out in Blaine County, a desert region populated by bikers and meth heads. He's designed to evoke the memory of Dennis Hopper's wilder roles, and is an expert pilot. Franklin, finally, is the greenhorn of the trio - a "young and ambitious hustler" who works as a repo man and resides in Vespucci Beach.

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