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Two GTA 5 characters confirmed - Godfather references and the return of B-Dup

"Just as he thought he was out, they pulled him back in."

Got all your soft toys lined up in front of the monitor, awaiting the giddy unveiling of GTA 5 at 5pm today? Here's a sneak preview of sorts - the main character is "an East Coast gangster who moved [to San Andreas] for a fresh start. But, as in the Godfather Part III - just as he thought he was out, they pulled him back in."

Who are "they"? You'll have to ask Shortlist, the publication behind the rumour. I prefer the one where he's an FIB agent, personally. That could be Gangster Man on the waverider, there.


Care of a Wired 95.6 broadcast, we also have confirmation that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character Mark 'B Dup' Wayne will return in GTA 5, voiced by rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor.

"B Dup used to be a loyal member to [sic] the Grove Street Families but began to move away from the gang and into the drug scene," writes the GTA wiki. "Dup begins to sell drugs in Los Santos, including to Barry Thorne (Big Bear), who he enslaves as his servant. Dup has Bear clean his home in Ganton. B Dup is also later heard on West Coast Talk Radio, saying 'the problem in the hood is that there isn't enough drugs in the hood'."

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