The next Minecraft Xbox 360 update - five features we're most looking forward to

A selection of highlights from PC versions 1.9 to 1.2.3

Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 has had around a month to bed in. That's nothing in real time, but in Minecraft time, it's donkey's years. Bazillions of Strongholds have been uncovered and plundered, thousands of stupidly intricate worlds have been knocked together in Creative Mode, and eyes are already turning to the horizon and 4J's Twitter feed, hungry for the next link in the chain. Some people have even created bogus gameplay trailers. If you build it, they will come...

The developer is currently working on a bug fix update for version 1.8.2, and is keeping its lips tightly sealed on the subject of what lies beyond. Will 4J's next content drop bring us up to speed with update 1.2.3, or will the developer release something a shade more bespoke, mixing and matching features from different chapters of Minecraft PC history? What of custom texture packs and Xbox 360 exclusive features?


You can read about some of the more exciting possibilities in our round-up of Minecraft Xbox 360 updates that will totally change the game. After another long voyage over the primordial waters of the Minecraft wiki, I've singled out a few more forthcoming features from the versions 1.9 (beta) to 1.2.3 (official) and resubmitted a few others for further consideration, below.

1. Enchantment
Together with the new experience system, enchanted weapons lend Minecraft combat a pungent whiff of actual structure. You'll create these potent artefacts at Enchanting Tables, which are comprised of Obsidian, Diamond and a book, providing you've cranked out sufficient XP by mining things, slaying things and smelting things. Examples of enchantments (which are randomly assigned depending on your level) include Respiration, which lets you spend longer underwater without suffocating, Fire Aspect, which sets the victim aflame, Fortune, which multiplies the items gained from mining blocks, and Punch, a bow skill which shoves enemies back.

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