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Earn Microsoft Points when you play Halo 4 multiplayer

Microsoft's Xbox Live Rewards scheme is anything but spartan

The day when we can all retire, board up the windows and earn our bread by playing videogames is fast approaching, people. Microsoft has announced the Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer, an Xbox Live Rewards scheme which earns you lovely Microsoft Points for plunging ungodly quantities of hours into Halo 4 multiplayer.

Play for 35 hours and you'll earn 100 MP. Stretch to 70 hours and it's 300 MP. 140 hours, finally, nets a robust 600 MP. Even now, some Chinese World of Warcraft gold farmer is opening a new wing dedicated to endlessly looping rounds of Dominion. Or maybe not. 600 MP doesn't buy you a lot of bread.

You'll also get 100 MP when you spend 1500 MP or more on the Marketplace, or 200 MP for outlays of 3000 MP. That Chinese World of Warcraft gold farmer? He's tutting and shaking his head. Crime doesn't pay, dear.


Here's a guide to Halo 4's Armor Abilities and a list of the best Halo 4 Spartan War Games load-outs. How are you getting on with the new Halo?

Update: Thos. makes a good point in the comments: "Offer expires 30th November: to earn the 140 hours of points, you need to play for over 6 hours every day for the next 23 days." Hope you're not gainfully employed right now, then.