Mass Effect 3 DLC Omega images - first look at a female Turian

And not much else

Mass Effect 3's next DLC pack involves a return to Omega, the nearest thing Mass Effect has to a Mos Eisley, but that's not why you'll play it, you naughty, naughty man. (Heterosexual female readers and homosexual male readers, please excuse yourselves for the duration of this post.) You'll play it because you're gagging to lay eyes on the alluring, chiselled form of a female Turian.

We've read much of these entities, care of people who are so expert at Mass Effect that they spell Turian with a lowercase "t", but we've never actually encountered a living specimen in-game. Apparently, limited technical resources were to blame, rather than a vicious species-wide case of gender oppression. Now, let us finally lift the veil:


She looks like she's got a mean headbutt on her. Omega's out 27th November, costs 1200 MP and you can read more about it here. Incidentally, Mass Effect 4 won't feature Shepard and may not follow the events of Mass Effect 3.