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Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

Bang bang, you're dead. Someone should shoot Capcom for making a game this easy.

A quick glance on YouTube and you'll find a load of homages to the original Commando, released in the mid-80s. From footage of the first level to fans playing the classic theme tune on guitar, we realise there's a lot of love for a game who's hardcore leanings meant that some never survived to the end credits.

Commando 3 however, is a game most of today's gaming fraternity can waltz through. Its an overhead shooter for first-timers, yin to Ikaruga's bullet-laden yang. Taking control of one of three Jackal members, you've to blast your way through lengthy corridors teaming with enemies before conquering a massive boss. Its shooter 101 from the developer who arguably perfected the genre. So why is it such a snooze-fest?


The difficulty has been tuned right down to make it more accessible to a mainstream market- note that even on the hardest difficulty setting the game is still overly generous when it comes to player health - no one hit equalling instant death here.

If you download Contra on XBLA you'll see how rock hard shooters used to be. This is too easy, Assault Heroes 2 too hard, leaving a hole in the middle were the perfect shooter should be. Are the genre's days out-numbered and out-gunned? From the looks of things, it might sadly be yes. Lets hope Bonic Commando brings back some of that classic Capcom magic.

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A friendly puppy rather than a savage wolf

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