The Halo 4 launch party - Microsoft, 343 and Master Chief meet the fans

Celebs greet the arrival of the Reclaimer Trilogy

Halo 4 launched yesterday, as you might have deduced from the appearence of a 50 foot Forerunner icon in the sky over London Bridge. Meanwhile, at GAME Westfield Stratford, Master Chief took a break from his busy schedule of staring heroically off into the middle distance to sell a few copies of the game, as part of a worldwide midnight opening spanning 40 countries and over 10,000 stores.

Well, he didn't actually sell a copy of the game. As in, scan it through the till. That would have been (a) ridiculous, and (b) the first harbinger of a new and disturbing spin-off strategy. I can imagine the press release already. "Caught between the Forerunner legions and the Covenant, the UNSC must painstakingly manage its remaining resources in: Halo Wares: Master Shopping Simulator! Suitable for anybody under the age of five who has no shame."


OXM's intrepid Jon Hicks was at the scene of the crime, pointing audio equipment at people like Microsoft's Phil Spencer and 343's Kiki Wolfkill in a menacing manner. There were also a number of celebrities, including Pixie Lott and Jonathan Ross. Somebody get him out of that Warthog before he says something roguishly irreverent about it and disgraces the good name of the UNSC. Here's a video.

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