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Halo 4 midnight launch details - release day bargain round-up

Master Cheap

In all the fuss about Skyrim DLC and GTA 5 pre-orders and sucking at Assassin's Creed 3, we clean forgot that there's a game called Halo 4 out tomorrow. It's one of those left-field, low-fi affairs that'll probably struggle to sell over 10,000 copies, but apparently a fair few of you chaps are keen, so I've gone and done a list of supporting retailers.

Read our Halo 4 review for more on this quirky cult gem, which apparently involves some sort of interstellar war and has a neat, bolt-on co-op campaign. Here are some thoughts on the multiplayer, too. The production values are rather impressive for an indie title.

What's more, they've managed to stump up the funds for a launch event of some kind, as detailed in the flier below. I hope this one sells. It's heartening to see something a little more unusual receive this level of buzz and attention.