Skyrim DLC Dragonborn gets first trailer - Morrowind and dragon-mounting confirmed

"You didn't think you were the only one, did you?"

Bethesda has announced Skyrim DLC pack Dragonborn for release on 4th December. It'll cost 1600 MP, and involves a return to Morrowind, dragon-mounting and several new enemies led by the original Dragonborn, a rather formidable-looking chap in a big helmet.

The return to freaky old Morrowind (already modelled on the Skyrim world map) is probably the most exciting part of all this, though the thought of clamping your legs around a drake's neck comes a close second. The trailer shows the benighted realm from several angles, revealing distinctive fungal flora and scabby reptilian foes.

Apparently the original Dragonborn used to be big boss of Solstheim, before turning against his draconic patrons and devouring them to gain their powers. Sounds like you've got plenty in common.

Close Close

Looks like we can expect new armour (BEAR ARMOUR?!?), weapons and possibly another plane of Oblivion, too. Stoked? Stoked. Here's a fancy wallpaper to rub yourself down with.


Might want to revisit our original Dragonborn rumour story, too - it suggests that the latest DLC will add four new armour types and includes trips to Telvanni, Castle Karstaag, Raven Rock and Miraak Temple, whatever/wherever they are. Bethesda parent ZeniMax trademarked "Dragonborn" for usage with downloadable software in May.