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Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-order round-up: where to buy the last GTA for Xbox 360

Get the best deal on your return to San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-orders will be accepted from today, and being kindly friends of the internet, we've thrown together a list of supporting retailers. Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive have yet to let slip any details of the inevitable pre-order incentives, however, so you might want to bookmark this page and check back later in the week. Early bird doesn't always catch the worm.

A new GTA 5 trailer is slated to go live today, but may have fallen foul of power outages brought about by Hurricane Sandy. Here are some strictly unconfirmed rumours to chew on while you wait.


HMV - £39.99
Blockbuster - £44.99 - £44.99
Amazon UK - £44.99 - £45
Sainsburys - £44.99
GamingExpress - £44.86
Grainger Games - £43.99 - £49.99

Feel free to let us know about any orgies of RRP-slashing we've missed.