Black Ops 2 review: what do you want to know?

Xbox 360's latest Call of Duty goes under our microscope

Black Ops 2 is just over a week from release, and the intrepid menfolk of OXM are gearing up for assault on the final Xbox 360 review build. This is perhaps the most intriguing Call of Duty since the genre-defining Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, offering an RTS subgame, open world zombie blasting, a volatile class system and massively expanded e-sports functionality among other new features.

UPDATE: Our Black Ops 2 review is live!

Is it the series overhaul certain, more irascible sections of the internet have been waiting for? Or is it just the same old dog wearing an exciting selection of novelty hats? We'll find out shortly, but we need your aid. Our critical faculties are as formidable and protuberant as light machineguns, but those light machineguns need ammunition. As in questions. Your questions. What do you want to hear about in our Black Ops 2 review?


We can't promise to address everything, but any outstanding queries may find their way into a follow-up Q&A, depending on time and sanity. To get your motors running, here's a round-up of key coverage:

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Let the bombardment begin.