Minecraft Xbox 360 World of the Week #10

"Look, a self-harming chicken!"

We've toured many incredible worlds in the course of the Minecraft World of the Week series, but the one most likely to have us leaning back in our armchairs with a glass of nostalgia-brandy is OXM Land - the sprawling settlement constructed by readers of this very website and magazine.

With Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 in the open, it was time to revisit and find out what the world's devoted rules had constructed using the new tools. A quick caveat, though - we're not sure how many of the new sights and sounds you'll encounter here have, in fact, been added using Creative Mode. Chances are they were all built in homely old Survival, the way Mother Nature intended.

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If you're got a Minecraft world that's worth the attention of the internet, by all means plug it in the comments.