Halo 4 updates may add clans, Theatre Mode campaign support in "the not-too-distant future"

"We're looking at interesting ways to improve those experiences"

Forthcoming Halo 4 updates may add Theatre Mode (or if you're a Yankee, Theater Mode) support for campaign and Spartan Ops, Halo Waypoint queen Jessica O'Shea has announced. 343 is also looking into re-introducing clans, and displaying more combat data to players on the fly.

"We are tracking all player skill data and while it will not be exposed in the game UI at launch, we have some ideas about how to give players access to that information, in a useful way, in the not-so-distant future." O'Shea commented in the latest Halo bulletin.


"Theater Mode in Campaign did not make the cut for launch for various reasons of scheduling, rendering issues and some significant engine changes," she added. "However, we are treating Title Updates very differently for Halo 4 and rather than simply using them as opportunities for simple big fixes, we are thinking of them as a way to sustain and grow features and options, so it is possible you could see Saved Films made available for Campaign (as well as some other significant features) at some time in the not-too-distant future, but that's yet to be determined."

Asked about clan support, last glimpsed in Halo 2, O'Shea went on: "as we mentioned before, we plan to continue consistent and meaningful sustainment updates to improve and enhance player experience. Social constructs are something we too have missed since Halo 2, and we're looking at interesting ways to improve those experiences in the not-too-distant future.

"I will be using that expression a lot. Get used to it."

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