Impulse buys: Xbox 360's best horror games

Braving the unholy darkness of the bargain bin

I'm going to take a momentary break from protocol to report that Konami has released a new Silent Hill game for PlayStation Vita, and that Silent Hill game is (deep, haggard breath) a top-down four-player dungeon crawler. That's what survival horror's come to, ladies and gentlemen. That's how bad the situation's getting.

It's possible to glean a little hope from the recent fortunes of the equally under-loved stealth subgenre, however. Things are looking rather prosperous on that front right now, thanks to Dishonored, Hitman and Mark of the Ninja, and hopefully, the world's latent terrormeisters will learn from this. In the meantime, here's a round-up of survival horror bargains on Xbox 360. Cheer up everybody! It's the week of Halloween.

Condemned: Criminal Origins
It didn't turn heads like the stylish lock and popping of Perfect Dark Zero, or even the goofy toon thrills of Kameo: Elements of Power, but of all the Xbox 360 launch-wave games, Monolith's malevolent face-puncher has probably aged the best. Think Silent Hill meets Max Payne, plus a disconcertingly heavy-footed camera and some thoroughly nasty enemy AI.
Buy here for £15.47


Condemned 2
It's everything Criminal Origins was, but some of the more archaic elements (like doors that can only be bashed open using specific implements) have been done away with, and the combat has been tuned and tucked. Less agreeably, the element of outright fantasy is a lot more conspicuous and the story actually gives away the source of the horror early on. Still, a deserving follow-up.
Buy here for £13.85

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